Certified Web Analytics Consultant

Proud to say that I [Drew Schug] completed the Web Analytics Certification course from Market Motive and am now a master certified Web Analytics Consultant. While I graduated with the Top Gun Award (Top of the Class), this was by far one of the most challenging courses I have taken in my adult career. Taught by leading professionals in the space, Avinash Kaushik and John Marshall, focused the Web Analytics class on working at the executive level to craft a measurement models that fits with real business needs. One of the unexpected features of the course was that I met some really great people in my class and was able to network with them. By far this was one of the closest experiences I have had to a real world college course.

What the Web Analytics Course Was and Was Not
The Web Analytics course did not cover the plethora of web analytics tools, like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics or other tools that are out there, but covered the chief principles of understanding what really moves the needle and makes your business improve.  Web Analytics is defined as “the gathering and analysis of a variety of metrics”. Metrics and Dimensions are collected with tools like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics among others. Good platforms track traffic and visitor behavior from a variety of sources. By performing a proper analysis you can discover which of your tactics and strategies are most successful, so that you can make data-driven decisions about your marketing and your business.

Good KPIs Small Medium Large Businesses. Broken out by Acquisition, Behavior and Outcomes

Good Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for most businesses. Source: Avinash Kaushik, Market Motive

How Does Web Analytics Help My Business?
Clients may wonder, how does this benefit me? As mentioned before, you should do your strategic Market research before performing tactical decisions. This includes defining your business objective and tying them to Goals on your website.  One of the most important, simple, concepts is to create a Digital Marketing Model (DMM) or Web Analytics Marketing Model (WAMM). Creating a DMM/WAMM helps create a simple measurement model and ties them to Business Objectives, Website Goals and Key Performance Indicators. Once you figure out what really matters to the business, you become a lot more focused on what really matters.

Other Key Web Analytics Elements Covered in the Course

  • Segmentation of data by search engine, channel and
  • Dashboards and Reporting
  • Collection of Data concepts
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Making Web Analytics Data Actionable

What Next?
Market Motive teaches the right strategies and tactics for professionals interested in Web Analytics. I’m excited for the benefits this knowledge will bring our clients and look forward to how it improves business for clients and my own business.

Certified in Web Analytics, Online Marketing, SEO and Conversion Optimization from Market Motive

Avinash’s Digital Marketing Model
Market Motive Web Analytics Course
Web Design and Analytics


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