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Web Design & Marketing Article Recap July 12, 2013

Below is what happened in Web Design, Analytics and SEO recently, as found interesting by Drew Schug from other places around the Web.

A little bit old and a little bit new, and a lot of Analytics this time around in the web design arena. Found myself starting to use Status Board more and more for myself and wanting to integrate it with Google Analytics. Also Google Analytics itself is getting quite a few new features added to it. Twitter gets Analytics and a good article on why you should make your website the hub of all activities.

Web & Social Analytics

Branding & Strategy

Sales & Marketing

Web Development

Search Engine Optimization

  • Why does a new page’s ranking drop over time : Source Google by Matt Cutts.
    When we create a new landing page with quality content, Google ranks that page on the top 30-50 for targeted keywords. Then why does the rank get decreased for the next 2 to 3 weeks? If pages didn’t have required quality, then why did it get ranked in the first week?

Landing Page Design

See you next time.