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Hello, my name is Drew Schug. Bio pages are usually the place where you are supposed to tout accomplishments and exercise some arrogance. As a thoughtful digital web designer and marketer I hope that I represent myself in a manner that plainly states what I have done. During this time, I cannot take full credit for every project I have worked on, as I have worked with some pretty remarkable people. My goal is to win your trust and help your business succeed, I believe that my background and experiences have served me and my clients well, whether collaborating or taking it on myself. Whenever I approach a project I look to bring it in on time and on budget. I am worth your time. If you have to present this to your boss or partner, hopefully this list will help you.

Drew Schug’s Overview

“Drew Schug relies on a diverse pool of the most talented people to work with, but the constant heart, brains and soul of the operation is owner Drew Schug.”

Drew’s resume includes a backdrop as a content strategist, web designer, graphic designer, creative director, and interactive marketing manager with skillsets ranging from an eye for design, to a soft-spoken, effective management style, not to mention technical experience in CSS/HTML, Javascript, XML, and PHP, Google Analytics, Adwords and much more.

“Our mission is to focus on the customer, listen to the data, and present actionable insights to move goal-oriented projects forward.”

For me, that means determining what a company’s true goals are, how to measure them and then customizing websites to directly achieve those milestones. It also means taking care of customers even after the website is done: providing analytics with valuable next steps that not only prove the benefits of the website and help clients maintain control of their content, but also making sure the site continues to serve their ongoing business needs.

When torn away from his computer and many techno-gadgets (marketers call people like him “early adopters”), we ski, hike, bike and fish in the scenic mountains of Bozeman,  with his family.

What Drew Has Done

If you’re wondering why you came to this site or if you are thinking of hiring Drew, here are a few bullet points of things that he’s done in his past that might be relevant:

  • Worked at Web Design and Software company in the early 2000’s on banking and credit union websites.
  • Designed marketing materials for product called CreditTime, an instant loan decisioning product.
  • Sub-contracted for the web marketing team as an independent contractor for RightNow Technologies from 2008-2012 until they were purchased by Oracle.
  • Setup and filmed video for an internal, publicly traded corporate event.
  • Won the 9th Annual InterNETional Pirelli Award (an annual award dedicated to the communication of scientific and technological culture on the web)
  • Created online video strategy for publicly traded company.
  • Created and Designed Email Campaigns for publicly traded software company.
  • Worked for an interactive development company as Designer and developer of multimedia projects where I learned some object oriented programming and interactive development.
  • Worked for an outdoor retailer as Creative Director, where I put together catalogs, advertisements and website promotions.
  • Sub Contracted for high-end marketing firm(s) doing Search engine optimization, web development, marketing and pay per click campaigns.
  • Planned multiple e-commerce websites for redesigns and gaining optimal Search Engine Optimization.
  • Created and prepared social media projects on various social media networks since 2008.
  • I write my own contracts and estimates.
  • I read a lot of non-fiction in my spare time and enjoy data, design and problem solving as they relate to businesses.
Disclosures and Relationships
  • I graduated from Montana State University in Bozeman in 2000 and taught my alma mater in 2010.
  • I taught classes on the Adobe Creative
  • I sometimes recommend books and music via my Amazon affiliate account
  • I volunteer my time as a resource provider for Bozeman BEAR
  • I am a partner at Bozeman Online and Big Sky Challenge through Inside Media Group
  • My primary business name is Big Storm, LLC and I have 1 employee that I manage
  • I subcontract for various marketing agencies and independent contractors throughout the United States.
  • I pride myself on not taking on mutual clients who may be conflicts of interest.
  • I occasionally ghost write articles for various client blogs and websites
  • I am a member of Montana Programmers group
  • I am a member of Bozeman Internet Marketing Group
  • I am an affilliate for BlueHost web hosting
  • I am a member of Marketing Profs
  • I am a Pro Member of Moz I also am an affilliate and I get $25 towards my account if you sign up for a Free trial using this link
  • I use and am an affiliate of BigCommerce
  • I use FancyHands for Virtual Assistant Services
  • I have a number of other memberships and affiliations that may not be on this site.
  • Google occasionally sends me bags, mugs and other items which I may have tweeted about for using Google Adwords.
  • I’ve Installed both Omniture and Google Analytics on websites and within Rich Media such as Video players.

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