Marketing Project Management

Marketing Project Management: Effectively Planning, Organizing, and Managing Resources for Success

Does your online business have a goal? Drew Schug Industries can help you efficiently complete your online business goals and objectives. We provide marketing project management that honors budget, time, and project scope. We can help manage your project from initiation to closing, and streamline a better, more focused product. We use a traditional project management approach that consists of:

  1. Project Initiation – We work with you to determine your goals, objectives, and vision for your project.
  2. Project Planning – Target market and keyword research, website analysis, and other preliminary data are collected.
  3. Design – We use the information complied from our extensive research process to effectively tailor your digital marketing campaign to specific target audiences, so no coverage is wasted.
  4. Execution, Production and Programming – Websites are launched, PPC and digital ad campaigns implemented, and final touches are made to the project.
  5. Testing, Monitoring and Sytem Control – We implement Google Analytics in order to determine which facets of the campaign are working, and which are not, and adjust it accordingly to maximize reach and cost-effectiveness.
  6. Project Completion

Depending on the scope of the job, we can also provide agile project management, which encourages frequent inspection and adaption. This approach often requires more communication between a group of responsible individuals who respond to change.

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