Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC Marketing)

Pay Per Click Marketing: What Are Your Potential Customers Looking For?

Search-focused advertising and copywriting can dramatically increase your Click-Thru Rate (CTR). It is also easily customizable, and allows for unparalleled accuracy when targeting your customers. Drew Schug Industries works with you to select an initial set of keywords and then researches additional and semantic keyword terms to reach your target audience. We take into account the number of searches for each key term, as well as how competitive the market for the keyword is, in order to provide you with the most cost-effective solution available. We offer Pay Per Click marketing services and configuration as well as monthly analysis reports — which means you can actually see the boost in customers finding your site. We can also manage your Google Adwords, Bing or Yahoo Search Marketing, while tailoring our services to your budget.

We will work with you to manage your pay per click campaigns and improve your overall campaign performance. We also help you develop focused and optimized landing pages to improve your conversion rate.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you increase site visits and customer conversions with your pay per click marketing project.