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Certified Web Analytics Consultant

Proud to say that I [Drew Schug] completed the Web Analytics Certification course from Market Motive and am now a master certified Web Analytics Consultant. While I graduated with the Top Gun Award Continue Reading

Internet Marketing Fundamentals Certified

Super excited and privileged to be taking the Market Motive Internet Marketing Courses.  I (Drew Schug) received my certificate for Internet Marketing Fundamentals today. The course covered 6 topics. Continue Reading

New Google Analytics Dashboard and Keywords (Not Provided)

This article is not a rant about Google Analytics using keywords (not provided), but about moving forward with the alternate view if you are connected to Google Webmaster Tools via Analytics and the Continue Reading

4 Reasons Why Your Business Website Needs a Bio

I was recently asked by a client why they would want to put their biography on the website. They cited that they didn't think anyone cared who they were and just wanted their software. I scoured the Continue Reading

Web Design & Marketing Article Recap July 12, 2013

Below is what happened in Web Design, Analytics and SEO recently, as found interesting by Drew Schug from other places around the Web. A little bit old and a little bit new, and a lot of Analytics Continue Reading

Market Research Before Web Design and other Tactics

Often times I get asked to "design a web site" or "do some SEO" or "Run Adwords". What businesses don't always realize is that doing a little bit of market research before they embark on revamping Continue Reading

NIA Logo Design

The National Insulation Association (NIA) came to me in late 2012 with the desire to freshen up their brand by updating the old logo. They wanted to bring the logo design into the 21st Century and Continue Reading

Logo Design

Mallon Plastering, Bozeman MT Logo & Identity Design: Creative Direction, Design and Consulting I loved this logo design for Mallon Plastering in Bozeman, Montana. Becki and Jeremy ("Scooter") Continue Reading

Why Filter Out Known IP Addresses in Google Analytics

Filtering out your company's IP Addresses in Google Analytics just means your employees and businesses are not getting tracked in Google Analytics. We have some clients who stay up late in their Continue Reading

Landing Page Design for PPC

Landing page design, programming and copy written for mobile application focused on multi-level landing pages and conversion. This project focused on reaching a wide number of industries including Continue Reading