If I Were Redesigning My Corporate Website

As I meet with clients and discuss options for helping them with their websites. Thoughts come to mind that I usually try to convey as I picture their website as my own. I would invest more money Continue Reading

Top 3 Blog Goals For 2010

I'vr started posting more items to my blog/lifestream recently. It's exciting and I feel a bit of pressure. But Here are my Top 3 Goals for 2010. More Visits : I have not written as much recently. Continue Reading

Top 3 Business Books that Changed the Way I Work

Drum roll please. Here are the 3 Books that changed my perception of things for my business life (thus far). Many other books have influenced my decisions, but these 3 books have changed my business Continue Reading

Drew’s New Blog

Hello 2009. Well 2008 has been a crazy year. Let's see, I started my own business, created my website and had the joy of working for some great companies this last year. As great as 2008 was, my 2009 Continue Reading