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If I Were Redesigning My Corporate Website

As I meet with clients and discuss options for helping them with their websites. Thoughts come to mind that I usually try to convey as I picture their website as my own.

  • I would invest more money in people then tools.
  • I would look at how to integrate my company’s mission statement, business plan, goals and objectives into the website.
  • I would decide the goals of my website before the redesign.
  • I would be open to new ideas.
  • I would invest time in communities, social media and online conversations.
  • I would design the website for people and code it for search engines.
  • I would focus my website on the end user’s needs, not my wants.
  • I would realize that a website is a living breathing entity, otherwise it might be dead.
  • I would do web analysis to figure out Key Performance Indicators of my current site so that I can make educated decisions before implementing new features.

What would you do differently?