The Friday Afternoon Desk

Their's an old saying in many businesses. Work always seems to take twice as long as you think it will. So plan for the appropriate amount of time it should take and then double that amount of Continue Reading

What is Your Mission?

Notice I left out the word statement in the headline. When a person or business creates a mission statement it should mean they are on a mission. It means they are doing. All to often the written Continue Reading

Shhh I Updated My Website

You may have noticed, but 2 years later, I finally updated my website. Please leave a critique in the comments below if you feel so inclined. This revision has been in the works for some time. So much Continue Reading

Giveth and Ye Shall Recieve

A few years ago I was home visiting my parents one weekend. My mother asked me why I hadn't been to church in a while and why I didn't like going. To which I frankly replied, "because I don't get Continue Reading

Top 3 Business Books that Changed the Way I Work

Drum roll please. Here are the 3 Books that changed my perception of things for my business life (thus far). Many other books have influenced my decisions, but these 3 books have changed my business Continue Reading