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Giveth and Ye Shall Recieve

A few years ago I was home visiting my parents one weekend. My mother asked me why I hadn’t been to church in a while and why I didn’t like going. To which I frankly replied, “because I don’t get anything out of it”. Her humble response has stuck with me through the years. “I don’t go to get something out of it, I go to give”.

If you truly heard those words, that statement is pretty powerful. It is timeless for any relationship. Whether you are going to church, married, or with your business relationships. If you are going into a relationship with the idea to get something out of it you will more than likely feel dissatisfied with the outcome. But when you give, you receive back more than you could ever imagine.

For business I go into every relationship to build a better outcome and give what I would hope for as a business owner. For my personal life, at times it almost takes more work but I try every day to give more than I receive.

What are you giving to your relationships?