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The Friday Afternoon Desk

Their’s an old saying in many businesses. Work always seems to take twice as long as you think it will. So plan for the appropriate amount of time it should take and then double that amount of time.

This past weekend, I bought and assembled the “Friday Afternoon Desk”. Meaning that whoever put the package together did it while drinking heavily malted beverages on a Friday afternoon while anxious to get off of work for the weekend.

I made 2 trips back to the store for missing parts and one part that was not only the wrong part but looked like it went to a different desk completely. Another part looked like it was manufactured upside down and sideways. I sometimes look at the parts and realize I am holding it a wrong way or need to flip it a certain way. This one had both me, my wife and the store returns department scratching our heads in disbelief. It also came with 2 instruction manuals… which were helpful but both seemed “not quite right”.

The desk ended up being completed Sunday and am actually quite happy with how it turned out. I only wish it would have taken the four hours I planned it to take.

Update : Photo per request.
Web Work Station at Drew Schug Industries