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Drew’s New Blog

Hello 2009. Well 2008 has been a crazy year. Let’s see, I started my own business, created my website and had the joy of working for some great companies this last year. As great as 2008 was, my 2009 goals are bigger and better. I have a new site in the works, seo clients to take care of, as well as a few larger web projects to get off the ground and running. One of my goals is to blog more. I am migrating away from the wildsweetcool blog for business purposes and going to practice what I preach in hosting my own blog and putting my business posts here. This coming year, I plan on posting more items about search engine optimization, web design and adding new feature called My Top 3 (Final name is still being worked on). Thanks to everyone who has helped and contributed to my success now and in the future. Cheers, Drew.