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Service Company Web Design

Service Company Web Design Development of a landscape design website. Customized Portfolio viewer and optimized for maximum exposure. Launched for a Billings, Montana based marketing agency. What Continue Reading

B2C Banner Ad Development

A Bozeman Marketing Agency needed banner ad development programming for a special advertising campaign. Valentine's Day was the right time to send these banner ads to their specific demographic. Continue Reading

Banner Ad Development

Banner ad development project for a custom built Air Tractor that specializes in agricultural and firefighting. This banner ad was after a highly specific market. Done while subcontracting for a Continue Reading

Job Seeker Web Development

Web development project completed while subcontracting for a Billings, Montana Marketing Agency. Arrow Solutions wanted the ability to showcase new jobs and features for their clients and customers Continue Reading

Photography Website Design

This is a photography website design project we completed in 2003. Anne Sherwood is a photographer in Bozeman, Montana and needed a website that showcased her photo-journalistic style and Continue Reading

Apparel Web Design

Website featuring shoes. Over the course of this project the brand awareness for this footwear increased month over month and directed a significant amount of traffic to it's dealers. Continue Reading

Digital Marketing Thoughts : Be True To Yourself and Others

Two Thoughts for Today : 1. Be True To Yourself 2. Be What You Say You Are To Others. Most people only hear the first one. Their is a level of authenticity in life that we all need to adhere to. Continue Reading

Timing Your Blog Posts and Social Media

Some great data on social media timing. Of course their are strategies you can work with on getting your blog post or content out to your particular audience. But this chart provides some good Continue Reading

So this SEO guy walks into a bar…

Too funny. So this SEO guy walks into a bar, grill, pub, public house, Irish bar, bartender, drinks, beer, wine, liquor... Continue Reading

Why Deeply Discounted Coupons are bad for Branding

Going to Borders made me think about branding and how deeply discounted coupons are so bad for your brand. As consumers, we love coupons, and getting a 30-40% off on a book is a great deal. The Continue Reading