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The Type of Clients I Love to Work With

Sitting in a coffee shop in Billings, Montana, as my Dad got out of a 13 hour heart surgery late last night. Snow has blanketed most of Montana, including 20 inches at my house in Bozeman where my pregnant wife of 5 months sits at home. Luckily she does not have to go anywhere.

As last night’s winter covered the state, I posted a message to my Facebook page asking if any ‘super good friends’ wanted to help my ‘prego’ wife shovel our walk. When I got a response from an unlikely source. One of my clients offered to come over with his 8 year old son. A truly amazing, selfless offer from someone who I know primarily on a business level. My mind is racing with thoughts. This is the type of client I want to work with. These are the people and businesses I want to bend over backwards for. These are the people I want to get to know on a personal level. This is the type of customer service that people are looking for. If he is willing to help out one of his vendors, I can only imagine the type of good work this person does for the customers he serves. This certainly sets a higher bar for me in my relationships and serving the greater good. In my opinion, these core values are what makes a person/business a success. It may be a pre-emptive Thanksgiving message but I am truly greatful and blessed for all the amazing clients and partners I have worked with this year.

What are you doing to improve your customer relationships? What are you doing to improve your relationship with the people that serve you?