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About Drew and Rachelle

We met in Winter of 2004 in Drew was living in Bozeman, MT and Rachelle in Great Falls. Their was an immediate chemistry. Rachelle moved to Bozeman that summer. But it wasn't until the Fall of 2004 Rachelle did the old fashioned thing, and asked Drew out on a date. It will be forever known as "the pre-date". Since that time we have grown closer and closer together, sharing friends and our lives and falling more in love with each other every day.


Drew asked Rachelle to marry him in Red Lodge MT, February 10, 2006 for Valentines Day. Lucky for him she said yes. We now live in Bozeman, MT with our dog Loki and 2 wonderful children.

Drew and Rachelle were engaged on Feb. 10 2006


Phillipsburg, MT